Stop soldier death

Last year, at one point I stopped reading Azerbaijani news. It was because almost every day there was news about soldier deaths and suicides coming from the army. When I read last, I remember clearly there were more than thirty soldiers died in the army. They all had the same reasons; for suicide- psychological problems, for death- misuse of guns.  In a book by O.Pamuk ‘Snow’’ Ka goes back to a small Turkish city where plenty of young school girls commit suicide. One of his intentions to report on the suicides of young religious girls forbidden to wear head-scarves. I think we needed somebody like him to go to the army and investigate the reason, the real reason behind the deaths and suicides. But there was not anybody and we all waited till the death of Jeyhun Gubatov, because this time they failed to say it was misuse of gun or suicide.  ( Although, in the paper sent to the mother from the officials it says the reason of his death was connected to the heart problem .)

He is one of those young kids coming from poor  and one-parent family, which is why he was sent to one of the rural regions in the army. (Like unwritten rules in my culture which is called ‘mentalitet’ there are unwritten rules in the army service too.)  In the third month of his service he was killed. Don’t you think by an Armenian in the front line. He was killed by other Azerbaijani soldiers with whom he was serving. Yes, 19-year-old Jeyhun, the only son of a mother who had to raise him all alone was beaten up  to death by his fellow soldiers in the army. That is what, finally, awaken us-Azerbaijanis.

Today, in Baku, there will be a protest, hopefully! I have never been any part of any protest. However, I want to join my fellow citizens who are protesting against soldier deaths in the army. This protest is not simply against the soldiers who killed Jeyhun or the government officials who let such kind of terrible things happen. I think we are protesting against us too. No matter how ugly it sounds, but it is true the doers of this terrible thing are Azerbaijani soldiers, so we are protesting against our friends, neighbors, brothers, partners, fellow citizens- male Azerbaijanis. We are telling them don’t beat each other! Don’t insult!! Don’t kill! You are in the army to protect one  another too not just your country.

We need to change things!

P.S. Before we all the Azerbaijanis have heard lots of stories from army: how stronger, richer, more educated, more experienced soldiers beat weaker ones. My friends know that I have a term for a group of boys in Azerbaijan, I call them ‘special guys’. They are the guys who chase girls in the streets, who say stupid words to them, thinking they are cool, in short, boys who think they are better than girls by just being a boy and have all kind of rights to insult girls they don’t  even know.  We can’t really find reasons to their ‘special’ behavior, but taking into consideration the army situation they must be those who have been beaten and insulted in the army, so that when they are back they do beat and insult their women to feed their ego, with an attempt to provide themselves with the self-confidence they never possessed. Quick note here, in Azerbaijan there are decent boys too that don’t deserve to be called ‘special guy’ at all.


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  1. Posted by maomadame on January 16, 2013 at 1:20 pm

    As far as I know the role of man and woman in Asia is completely different than in Europe. Without a doubt I can say that women are totally subordinated to man, if not they are punished and excluded from the society. The worst case scenario is that women don’t support each other and take for granted men’s version. In fact this is the reason why in Asia women will never be liberated and so called by you “special guys” will rule for a long time. I remember- you also recognize the supremacy o man so don’t be suprised by the issues in your country.


    • First of all, what you are saying here is very debatable and broad. When you say Asia, you cant generalize, there are so many countries in Asia where women are not really treated in the same way. Before stating something, I suggest you to be careful not to generalize and stay away from stereotypes, in my country, there are lots of stereotypes about your country and Europe, but i have stayed away from tthem not generalizing things and people. You don’t know anything about my country and Asia, so I ask you politely not to answer my posts based on your personal experience, that is not right. and here I am not talking for me but for the women in my country.


  2. Posted by maomadame on January 16, 2013 at 7:16 pm

    It’s not my experience I know I a lot of women from Asia and that’s the way it is. You also told me plenty of things about men’s behaviour in your country. Recently I’ve spoken with women from Azerbeaijan, Pakistan and Iran and all directly admitted ” we allow for row deal because we simply have no choice in our society “. There is no gender equality ain your country and you can’t deny it or maybe you just simply don’t understand because you were raised in very special social enviroment. Don’t be nervous it isn’t an attack, treat my statement like a social fact. It’s called a debate.


    • Seriously you know nothing about my country, Azerbaijan is way more different from Pakistan and Iran in this regard. Azerbaijan is not an Asian country influenced and partially governed by religion. There is gender inequality in my country, but there is none of what you mentioned in your comments. Before you debate you need to have a broad knowledge on the matter discussed.


  3. Posted by maomadame on January 16, 2013 at 7:22 pm statistic and reports are propably scientific source.


  4. I don’t know where are you from ‘maomadame’ but i think you are really confused in concepts. Gender equality and treating woman good are two different things, that are not necessarily coming together as a package deal. There are a few countries worldwide, maybe 3-4 where there is a good level of gender balance, i mean divisions of the roles on the social life. Researches show that in the most European states men are treated better than woman on the labor market – – – in the modern world that is the most important indicator of being socially active. In countries like Azerbaijan (btw Azerbaijan is unofficially included among the European states) you cannot see woman standing in the bus holding a huge luggage while husband enjoys reading newspaper on the bus sit. — I saw it many times…. i saw it in Germany which is European and is among those countries, who really pay attention to gender issues. I dont know your profession but thing that you met 5 woman or 100 woman from different Asian countries does not mean anything, it is not representative…. I met Iranian woman in Georgia, who said the she enjoys living according to theocratic rules… and probably there are many others who has nothing against their life, and some of them is living better than 99 percent of European women…


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