It all started from a line

Being persistent always pays off; when we really want something we never give up until we get what we want.

I think it is the same in relationships, if there is love, which holds different definitions for different people, then there will be a happy beginning, eventually. In other words, if we want to spend a lifetime with our beloved person we will not surrender to any kind of difficulties standing on our way. As lazy people do-how they can convince others showing hundred of excuses for their laziness- it is the same in relationship, the person who does not want to make a commitment will come up with dozens of excuses convincing everybody around, particularly, the opposite side that s/he is a good person  but… there is nothing acceptable to continue this sentence.

I recall our professor at our university in Baku, who already had pretty enough life experience to share with students from time to time.  It was last day of university years, he was blaming young generation, as most other members of older generation do, that young generation, we, consume everything in a very greedy way.

Out of his words, I never forget what he said about confessing love. He said: “I still remember that very first time I told my wife I loved her, and it took me years to tell her that very sentence, although I loved her and cared about her long before that day. But you guys, meet today and tomorrow express your so-called love, of which you have no single idea”. Our professor, of whom, we thought as a very shy boy back then, had a point. I have started to understand his point as I add years onto my age. Love is not in words, but in actions. It is not in text messages, or chats but in a warm look staring right into your eyes expressing readiness to make sacrifice for you as it is what it takes. We,members of current generation, the so-called technology generation, live in social  networks with fake social relationships and friendships without a clue when we say  ‘I love you’, although we say it very early and frequently in messages, social network chats, drunk or sober. We are the generation who meet in facebook, fall in love there, take pictures to post, break up by blocking each other and then checking each other’s profile through our mutual friends. When it comes to my society in Azerbaijan, and different societies I have been living in already for more than a year. So different everything is, I can say at this point, way too different than I am able to put in words. Being in-between is not good, I am still in the observation process of two societies trying to pick what is right and good for me. Going back to where I started, I do believe in both societies there is nothing like ‘ If I could be with you, you know I would.’

A quick note: It all started from a line which I heard in this song.


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