The third with shiny eyes reads ‘ Silent-Sippers vs. Noisy Sippers’

There were bittersweet times when three of them would sit, eat and talk about things. Yes, daily stuff. However, those talks would end, most of the time, with small fight that would bring up discussions. Those small fights had the same reason every time, and it would be repeated over and over again.

It was noise, the invisible cause of fights was noise. Thus, two of them would make noise while eating and sipping, well, on purpose of course, since they knew the third one would get annoyed very much. It was one of the rare cases that one would see the third one annoyed and very angry.

One day, the third one stumbled upon a post called ‘Silent-Sippers vs. Noisy-Sippers‘.  That is what I needed, the third thought since explaining and asking two wouldn’t do any good, and decided not to just join the union of Silent-Sippers but also create a union for Silent-Eaters.


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