The other day at school, a girl was crying over the money loss and asking her friend ‘Why me, huh? Why me? There were so many people around. Why me?’ I wanted to tell her it could happen to anyone, and will surely happen to others too in future, it simply found you this time.

I have always believed the power of ‘why’ question; you should always be curious if you want to know more about the world and yourself. However, like that girl I have been asking ‘why’ question which seems a bit impossible to answer.

Today is Thanksgiving. I read my blog post from last year which says I am thankful to God for everything and everybody in my life, no matter what. This year, I express the same thoughts, however deep inside my heart , I keep waiting for yesterday’s ‘why’ question, although I know I  will be looking for its answer for a long time.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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