Supernatural power

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

You would remember Einstein saying this.

While riding bike lots of interesting and puzzled thoughts cross your mind. I wonder whether this sentence, too, found Einstein while riding bike or not.

At my university in Baku, a couple of girls from different groups would frequently visit orphanages. To be honest, I never thought of going there. I knew that I would never forget those kids. In other words, I run from sharing their grief. I don’t really know what kind of help I could be of them but I think I could do, at least, what those girls were doing.

The other day, I rode bike to the downtown alone!  In Azeri they say ‘ Herkes bu dunyaya tek gelib tek gedir’ ( Everybody leaves this world alone as they come alone). However, life is not an easy path to go through alone so we start social binding first from our families, then school, work etc. No need to go far here, better continue with me riding bike alone and connection of it with the scene from university.

Before there was always a person, a very good one, teaching me rules and some techniques of biking. In short, I have always felt safe that way, it is a great relief knowing and seeing that in case I do something wrong I will be told, and I will have help if something happens. I think feeling secured also brings you self-confidence and courage in some way.

That day, while riding downhill in the middle of the road I felt that absence which took me somewhere else in my thoughts. I started thinking about orphans or kids left by parents. They are always alone since the first day of their lives. Nobody teaches them any techniques, rules or  anything in life, and most of them never get a chance to feel what it feels like to be guarded and guided in life. We, all, are always grateful to our parents for all the love, care and attention they have given, in bike terms, for guarding and guiding us while they are riding in front.

In this world, if I had any supernatural power I would make this world without orphanages, there would not be any kid wandering in the streets or orphanages waiting for parents that would never come to take them home. As they say everybody has a right to the truth every kid, too,  has an absolute right to feel parent guidance in life.


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  1. Sabina — I’m touched by your thoughtful and compassionate observations. I’ve found we all learn these lessons from personal experience. You are the best.Carry on! love, Sas


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