Butterfly effect in Regensburg

There might be a couple of reasons which would explain why I have stopped blogging about my sensible and sensitive ambiguous thoughts for a while. I will simply go with being lazy.

We all have felt this feeling, the feeling which brings you lots of ideas and thoughts to think about, yet chokes you to death to that degree that you fail to utter a single word. If you already know which feeling I am talking about, now you can understand what I have been feeling since I arrived in Regensburg, a small town in Germany.

I remember I have used ‘Just different’ expression in my first blog post about Ruse. I am going to say the same about Regensburg too, however, in a whole different way this time. Although, Ruse and Regensburg are the Danube cities, they, both, are located on the Danube river they differ in a lot of ways.
I don’t know whether I should write about how clean this city is, how well-organized everything, or how much I enjoy riding bike here ( other bikers and drivers are not enjoying having me in their city), how I like not seeing girls coming to university as if they are going to wedding or how I love seeing strangers smiling, how people not shouting at me when they find out I don’t speak their language etc. etc. etc. I can fill this post with small things that mean a lot to me while they can mean something childish or nothing at all  to my fellow citizens, friends. But something else distracts me at this point which is called a butterfly effect.

Butterfly effect – ‘the phenomenon whereby a small change at one place in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere’ says the dictionary! No, I can neither  talk about its scientific explanation in details or the movie. It is just every day spent in Regensburg reminds of butterfly and its effect. To be honest, I just want to get on the plane and fly back home, about which one day I would be saying the same sentence as it is in the animation;

‘It was just self defense, I swear!’


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Judith Kendall on October 22, 2012 at 12:39 pm

    I remember how I was nearly run over everyday in AZ! What a difference pedestrians having the right of way means!


  2. Posted by Fuad Nagiyev on December 18, 2013 at 11:04 am

    Well written. I moved to Germany 10 years ago, to Regensburg 1 Month ago, and this feeling will always stay there. Ok, you will learn the language and be able to speak it fluently (I do) and you will have friends and and an … but there will be always a small thing you will missing all the time…and this is the fact that you are not at home. Not there where you was born, where you made your first steps, where you have learned to walk, to think, to feel, etc. You will notice, that after a small time you will search the contact to the AZ people in Germany. It is very tough, when you get into a new place, new country. And the biggest thing you have to learn to deal with being a foreigner. This is not as easy as everybody thinks.
    Well I am here now, I would be glad if I could get in Contact with Azerbaycan citizens living in Regensburg.


    • Dear Fuad,

      Thank you for stopping by in my blog. That is right, not matter how much you adapt to the place you live in, yet you miss your home country. I hope you are enjoying living in Regensburg. I lived there for five months, I am not there anymore. And unfortunately, I don’t know any Azeri living in Regensburg. I hope you will meet some though. Good luck.


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