Suleyman about a baggage

The other day, I was coming from somewhere or going to somewhere, whatsoever, I don’t really remember. The only thing I remember is being in a place full of people with a baggage. At that place, I came to realize that people have a baggage all the time with them. It is just invisible most of the time; you need to get involved in talk with them or spend some time to see their baggage vividly.

Baggage we all carry around can be divided into two. First one is very big; people are given the day they are born. Don’t think it is empty; it is already filled with something very basic about them; gender, family roots, religion, nationality, and so on. Thereafter, well, you already know, partly, what happens afterwards; as time passes they add up to that baggage, although, it is their baggage every single person they meet in their lives adds something of big or little importance to it. The problem is not with only carrying that big baggage around, it is also about how much they get attached to it. As Suleyman, I allow myself to suggest you not to get attached to your baggage too much otherwise, well, otherwise you may totally get lost in this crowded world. I am just saying!

Second one; it is the one you make for yourselves. You put whatever you want but very worthwhile belongings. Here, too, there is a problem; some people try to make it seem different from what it actually is. They also carry it around all the time with much more care though, and they always tend to show it to others. ( Showing off is some people like very much, isn’t it?!)  Eventually, they can lose their real identities.  Again, as Suleyman, I dare to tell you that, sooner or later, others will see your real baggage.

Suleyman has buried both somewhere very far. What about you? Don’t tell me you don’t have any baggage, everybody does, to my belief. Have you ever thought what to do with your baggage?


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