Ain’t it funny how time slips away

Today is13th July, Friday. Since the morning everybody has stated something about how unlucky this date is. I won’t get into this topic. This date means something else for me; ten months ago I came to Ruse on this date, 13th of October was my first day in Ruse. Our dean used to tell us every evening, and from time to time just take your time to look back and analyze the time spent from different perspectives. I am mulling it over now; it seems so far and so close.

Less than ten days left to go back home now; after ten months it will be my first time at home. Before coming here it seemed so impossible to live alone for this long, but it happened and I have to admit that it was worth to risk. Of course, life is ups and downs everywhere, here too, I had good and bad moments worth to be lived, because while good moments brought unforgettable memories to my life, bad ones taught good lessons not any book or movie could teach. Making new friends is a big part of these memories. I am really happy to meet my friends here; sharing life with them was fun.

I am trying to count how many times I have said ‘for the first time in my life’ since I came here. Actually, we experience something new every day; however there are still things that you have never experienced before. The biggest of all the things done for the first time in Ruse is biking out without thinking anybody’s opinion (Yeah, Again Bike!).
Anyways, in future I will be able to state more clearly what the first part of my master program gave me, for now, I enjoyed my time here. I will carry the best of them with me till the end of my life including mistakes of mine done here.
“It’s been so long,
but it seems it was only yesterday,
Ain’t in funny how time slips away…

I got to go now,
But I guess I’ll see you around
I don’t when though,
When I’ll be back in town”



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  1. Posted by Sabina Abdullayeva on July 13, 2012 at 8:37 pm

    Sebish, thank you so much for sharing your experience with us through writing posts. They all are so warm and welcoming. I am so happy for you and am sure will witness much more success of yours. Love you, and hope to see you when you visit home 🙂


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