First letter, Bad person Suleyman

Letters from Suleyman

All these Mr. Know-it all’s start calling themselves “bad person” since the very beginning. Let me also start with that. Don’t you ever trust me, whoever you are sitting in front of the computer and reading the first letter from me- Suleyman. I am not just a bad person, but I am also not a trustworthy person. So let’s make the first deal: no trust, no sympathy, nothing at all, just letters from time to time.
Speaking about letters, here is my first letter to you. I guess you are wondering, “Who are you? Why are you sending a letter to me?” As well as wondering about all the other ‘wh’ and ‘how’ questions. Since I have already made an excuse to all my bad actions in the beginning by calling myself a bad person, I am not going to answer any of your questions. So you have a choice, either just push the cross button and forget about me, or scroll down and continue reading whatever shit I am going to write to you.

There is a saying, ‘Maybe he is a man, maybe he is a woman, and maybe he is not a human at all.’ So I leave it up to you to define my identity. I will enjoy knowing everybody who is reading my letters will have different opinions regarding my identity, and I want to hear the different opinions. To my surprise, it is very exciting.

First I wanted to talk to you about good and bad, then I told myself, “eh ay Suleyman, don’t you know Einstein’s Theory of Relativity?” Everything is relative. So I let this topic slip out of my mind. (Yeah, from time to time, I talk to myself since sometimes it is much safer that way.) For the sake of keeping the content of the first letter as light as possible, I want to tell you one thing. You, whoever you are out there, keep calling yourself a bad person. Believe me, it works. In every single wrong action or word of yours you remind yourself and people; “Look, I told you I am a bad person.” Isn’t it a perfect excuse for all the shitty things I am doing to others and myself?

Talk to you soon
Bad person Suleyman


4 responses to this post.

  1. Who gave you right to judge yourself Mr. Suleyman? 🙂


  2. Posted by Elnur on June 30, 2012 at 12:16 pm

    It’s not even an excuse.


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