Letters from Suleyman

Here I am… back to my routine-boring or interesting, nobody knows except me.  Another year called academic year is over! School is over! Yesterday gave the last exam, let me say this; People, sometimes you need to be practical to deal with exam.

Anyways, I have been thinking about the second semester, which was called Romanian semester at university since most of the lecturers were from Bucharest, and guess what, all I want to write about is my bike.  I have already told most of the people that finally, I have bought a bike, but I would take my time and write to the world here too (well, to the very small part of the world); I have bought a bike at last! I know for the big part of the world, it is nothing special, but for me it is a very important deal. Somebody said somewhere: ‘Small things bring the biggest happiness.’ True very true it is. My bike made my time here full of joy, lessons, and adventures. Well, I have to stop here; otherwise, I will start talking about how I improved my biking, how happy I was first time I biked in the park, in the city centre etc.

With this post, I just wanted to tell you, who are following my blog; one page is almost read in my life. It was fun, full of life. I have missed talking to you though.

I have got letters from Suleyman to be posted. Coming soon.


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