They are changing Ganja into somewhere I don’t belong anymore

Ganja– the second biggest city of Azerbaijan, my hometown, is changing. It is becoming somewhere that I will not remember at all when I am back; at least, this is what my relatives in Ganja are telling me. In one of my previous posts I have written about how important presentation is in my country. The presentation of Ganja is also of great importance. New major of Ganja has promised he will change the city upside down. It seems he is succeeding in it. Recently, one of the historic buildings belonging to the XVIII century was destroyed. Most probably, they needed a space to build some new building for nothing. It belonged to the last khan of Ganja, Javad khan, and used as a museum afterwards, but doesn’t exist anymore.

Comprehension and application of modernization in my country is inexplicably different. For me, it is like a shallow person, when you look at their appearance, you think they are people of high level, of great importance, but once they start talking you take the first chance you get to run away from them. They are doing the same thing to Ganja, it is becoming like those people.  It feels bad to see how they are changing my hometown to something very shallow. It is becoming a very modern somewhere losing its history, its identity.

Sadly enough, it was not the first building sacrificed for a new appearance of the city. In Azeri there is a saying ‘Ustu bezek alti tezek’ meaning something looks beautiful just on surface inside it is nothing but garbage. You can read more about changes happening in Ganja in one of the Azerbaijani bloggers, Yashar Huseynov’s blog.  He is writing about ‘Ustu bezek alti tezek‘ buildings and ‘Tarixi muasirleshdirilmish binalar’ buildings which have been not restored but almost rebuilt from surface. They have put a board saying that they are historical. How can you make any tourist believe that they are historical if you have almost rebuilt them?! It doesn’t make any sense, right. His posts are in Azeri, but his  pictures are telling enough, if you don’t understand Azeri.

‘If you want to perish nation, keep them busy with entertainment.’ One of our ambassadors was explaining how other powerful nations are using it to take control over small nations. We don’t need any powerful nation; we are already doing it to ourselves by destroying our history for the sake of shallow presentation nothing valuable behind, and nowadays for the Eurovision song contest where there is everything but music.

Ganja is not a newly-built city; Ganja is one of the oldest cities of Azerbaijan, with its own ancient history and identity. It doesn’t need high buildings, or any other places which can make it nothing but lose its own historical appearance.  I want to see my hometown with everything what made it Ganja.

They are changing Ganja into somewhere I don’t belong anymore…


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  1. Posted by Sabina Abdullayeva on April 16, 2012 at 10:39 am

    Sabish, thanks for the post. I was in Ganja last week and yes, reconstruction, demolishing, rebuilding work is going on in many places in Ganja. I guess, ( and unfortunately) we will get used to this New Ganja eventually


  2. That’s a real shame that they are so eager to rip down historical monuments. It’s even worse that the public almost certainly has no say in the process.


  3. This “recontruction” or “rebuilding” began last year, last months of my army life. I was in Ganja in army. So I remembered that days, but I didn’t wait such vandalism to our history and to our city. I know what your feeling now. Cos, before Ganja this happened to my home city – Baku.


  4. Posted by Judith Kendall on April 20, 2012 at 3:09 pm

    Vivian from Ganja PC is here with me- we are soooo SAD

    judy FYI I still do not get your posts!! hmm
    I will send you baby pics soon


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