‘Blog posts’, one of favorite most frequently used folders on my desktop, is in the process of losing its importance.  Maybe I should change its name to simply ‘Unfinished’ since almost all the blog posts I have been planning to publish are unfinished; all the important dates I have been preparing posts about passed, thoughts I want to write about are still floating on my mind, but cannot be dressed up with words.

It is not because I don’t have time, I am studying all the time, or any other such kind of lie. In fact, I am doing nothing but keeping my mind busy with something that should be called nothing but nonsense. Last night, I came to realize with what I am busy so much. It is called storm. It may be called earthquake, a sudden release of energy, which destroys me, and makes me pass my negative energy around. Everything has its reason, the reason of this can-not-be-named bunch of emotions should be related to being away from home, missing home lately much more than I used to.

I used to repeat; ‘It is OK to miss home.’ However, sometimes it is not OK, and when this sometimes lasts longer it becomes something else that hinders everything in your life. I feel like I have stopped, life is going on as it used to, although I am stuck. All I want is to be home, I know it is very childish of me to say this, but that is all I think of lately, which is why whatever I write on my computer is governed by storm of emotions that I do not find necessary to share at all.

Today, Japan marks one year since earthquake, tsunami disaster. I don’t know why exactly I remembered it.  But everything has its reason, I think, the reason may be explained with what one of young and religious university teachers said about it back at home. Japanese are recovering; I wish the same to me very soon.

Life is good; everything is good around as it used to be, nothing bad has happened, but….. (let it be unfinished like my blog posts)


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