Missing puzzle piece

Brown… giant.. iron.. cold.. It was always there… it was something when closed but it was somebody open.. what was important. .its being open or somebody behind it when it was open.  What really mattered… there were times that it just needed to be open.. and there were times somebody was needed behind it.. that was actually what it was for.. to see people off in and out pleasant or unpleasant..  what it liked most, to be open or closed.. to see people off in or out.. to have lights on at nights or not..  What really mattered for it?!-…

It was just a door for everybody… just a door! Brown, giant door made of iron. It was not just a door, but a hope that one day missing puzzle piece would come back. Yes, it had been a long time since the puzzle was incomplete; only one piece was missing. After that piece lost its way to the puzzle the door became noticed.  Every time it was opened, ever single piece of puzzle was looking for the missing one. This door could have a great role in completing that puzzle. The puzzle really needed to be completed. With that piece everything was going to begin from where it stopped. Not everybody but everything too has a mission in this world. Did that door realize how vital its mission was? No, it did not.  If it did, it would have moved out of its place, gone out and looked for that missing piece. That piece had a great importance for the puzzle. Without that piece even other pieces were lost although they were there together, stuck to one another as closely as possible. The door should have opened and presented that missing puzzle piece in the best way possible.

It never did. In fact, it opened and it did see hundreds of people off in and out. However, it never helped puzzle to be finished again.  It remained and would be going to remain closed, with grave-darkness in both sides. In both sides puzzle pieces kept looking for each other, but they could not come together. Puzzle was unfinished, incomplete… and it was going to stay that way forever. The puzzle-family- was going to be incomplete, and puzzle pieces inside and missing puzzle piece outside would continue to search one another desperately. Although, they were very well aware that door was not going to open to present them what was lost, nevertheless they kept waiting, hoping and praying to have missing puzzle piece back.


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