Chestit Studentski Praznik! Happy Students’ Holiday!

Az sım studentka- (In Bulgarian I am a student) -one of the most frequently used sentences of mine here- the reason of my being here, in Ruse, Bulgaria. And today I am supposed to celebrate that reason. December 8- the Students’ Day in Bulgaria. All the students in Bulgaria celebrate this day.

From my searches on Google, I found out: December 8th first started being celebrated in 1903, on occasion of the 15th anniversary of Sofia University and became the holiday of all students in Bulgaria. It has been abolished in 1944 and replaced with November 17, when the International Students’ day is celebrated. However, December 8 was reinstated in 1962 and has been faithfully celebrated by students and students at heart since then. On this day all colleges and universities in Bulgaria organize special events for their students, who will spend the night amid tightened security in hundreds of night clubs, hotels, and other places of entertainment in and outside the cities. Many also head to the winter resorts for a night of partying. A strange coincidence is that today, two of the greatest revolutionaries in rock music, considered role-models of all students in the world, John Lennon and Jim Morrison, is the day of the death of the first and the birth of the second.

We found out about this day when we were visiting Veliko Tarnovo, you can read my post about it here. So, almost a month ago conversations started what we should do on this day. There were some suggestions, the strongest one was the traditional one which was heading to some resort around the city, but now, eventually they, our classmates, or as they call colleagues decided to celebrate it not on the actual day but on Friday, as we don’t have classes on Saturday, so they can recover from their hangover at home. I did not like it at all, because I realized that it is nothing special, as I was thinking, but just a drinking day; everybody is talking about drinking, and getting drunk. Now I am wondering if there is a student in Bulgaria like me, who is not drinking s/he is not celebrating this holiday?!

I don’t know about them, if there are people like that, of course, but I am going to celebrate this day in my own way, this is the only holiday we have here; we will be in Germany next time Inshallah. At least we can go to Karaoke in the evening, with our dorm gang, where people are also drinking, but in that place getting drunk is not the purpose, but singing songs is. So, I like it there.

I have been thinking about my student life in Azerbaijan, and here. I have had my BA and MA, both, in Baku, but in different universities. Maybe it won’t be so right to compare student life in a capital, and a small city. However, it doesn’t make a big difference at some points. Apart from having more fun here as a student, I can say  university of Ruse  is much bigger with much more students than my previous universities. I enjoy campus life here too. I am again living alone, but not totally alone. Living in the dorm, where you see different faces from different countries is very interesting. And also, it is very confronting living in a room alone, but knowing that my classmates and friends from Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Armenia, Poland are always there . It is a very good feeling, in fact. We always say to our Bulgarian friends that we are living alone, but not that alone, which means we are spending much time together, but we are also free to enjoy our private life. (I should write a separate blog post about out dorm and dorm life) So, this is one of the interesting parts, maybe the most interesting one, of my student life in Ruse, Bulgaria.

About university and classes, I pretty much enjoying classes and university here. Our university- University of Ruse, named after Angel Kanchev, one of the heroes of Bulgaria, established in 1954. More than 6.000 students are enrolled at the university. And there is a various number of faculties. Our university, as you see, is old. Although, it has a new building now in the campus, where we are having classes, with all kind of new facilities. So far, my most favorite part at university is the lift which takes us to the fifth floor every time. (I know you were waiting me to say library, but I am not using it that much, as you can guess, most books are in Bulgarian there)  A student refractory, cafes, a medical center, a kindergarten and a crèche, a job center, a post office, shops and an entertainment center are within the territory of the campus. To be honest, I do not know where the most of these places are, except the post office, where I am already friend with a post lady, and cafes, we do not have a kitchen in our rooms, so most of eating times are spent in cafes within or around the campus. You can find more about our university here.

I am enjoying classes more than I expected, and it is mostly because I am learning something new each class. However,  as it was in Azerbaijan, sometimes I get bored to death during some classes, as some teachers are not so much good at applying interactive methods. Speaking about teachers, we haven’t had so many teachers so far, although, I already have my favorite-our Bulgarian teacher. I love positive teachers, smiling, and joking all the time to encourage you and not to make the lesson boring. She is one of them, and she is not just my favorite, but also of my friends, and most of the students at our university.

I am still in the process of exploring our university and the student life in Ruse. What I have experienced so far makes me thank God over and over again. We will see how things turn out. But I hope the best is yet to come. December 8th just started, I will try to make the best of it, and I will also try to learn and to enjoy as much as I can during my being here.

Chestit Studentski Praznik! Happy Students’ Holiday!


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  1. Posted by Eugene Gabrys on December 8, 2011 at 10:09 am

    Təbrik edirəm! I congratulate you on your student status. Enjoy the holiday and I send you continuous good wishes.


  2. Posted by Polina Naydenova on December 9, 2011 at 2:20 pm

    Sabina, you wrote: “everybody is talking about drinking, and getting drunk. Now I am wondering if there is a student in Bulgaria like me, who is not drinking s/he is not celebrating this holiday?!” I think now, after the holiday, you know that not everyone is like that and that there are many other students like you in Bulgaria 😉 Don’t be upset by the stupidy of some Bulgarians, not all of us (Bulgarians) are like that. I’ve also experienced on other Student’s days (from before) the feelings you describe. and actually, yesterday was the best student’s holiday I had. I want to tell you thanks, and I hope we will have many more parties like the one last night 😉


    • Thanks Poli, actually yesterday was a result of good cooperation between us 😉 I think our cooperation will last for a very long time. Thank you too.. and let me know if I misinterpret something about Bulgaria or Bulgarians. I would greatly appreciate that.


      • Posted by Polina Naydenova on December 9, 2011 at 2:35 pm

        I agree with you about the cooperation :))
        I think you didn’t misinterpet Bulgarians, it is just how you felt yesterday. I told you, I have experienced the same feelings. But I am always to help, and if you want to know anything please ask!!
        … which reminds me that I have to check, about the question you asked yesterday oooppps :))) talk to you tonight ;), bye for now! :*

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