Being smart,sophisticated is not enough for being called a human

Darkness inside and outside. I want darkness in my room make me forget about the darkness outside. That darkness outside is very ugly, though, like the people themselves who have created and keep making it darker and darker every passing day. However, the darkness in my room is real, it is just the absence of light, it will vanish just with my single push on the switch. Their darkness will always stay there, though, with them, till the end of their lives. I believe every person has, at some level, conscience, and the darkness that they create will hurt them one day, or maybe I am just being extremely pure, that darkness will fade away from their memories as soon as it is covered with something much darker.

‘Utopia’ – Nizami Ganjavi, Azeri writer, and Thomas More, English writer, wrote about an ideal world-utopia. I would invite them to my darkness right now, and I would ask them; ‘Why on Earth did you write about it? You were great authors, smart people of your centuries, how come you believed it, or wait, did you ever believe what you wrote, or you just decided to see the world you want to see, at least, on a paper? I am thinking now, I understand your intentions more, what you could do then, was just to write down your ideal world on a white paper. This world is already dark, pretty dark, and no matter how perfectly good your idea is, it wouldn’t make any change in this world, just darkness, and unfortunately fake one, covering the previous one. You know, I look at myself now, and I feel sad, maybe you have also felt the similar one at your times. The things I think in my mind, and heart, don’t get stuck in this world. I have just started to realize that they will never get. I should sit down, like you did at your times, and write my world of utopia on a white paper. I know, it won’t come out as perfect as yours, but it will be something real on a white paper.’

I was thinking there is a huge difference between animals and human beings. But no, there is a big similarity between them; animals and human beings, both, live their lives following their instincts, egos, desires. No, having consciousness, compassion, conscience does not play any role anymore; it is not one of the main crucial distinguishing factors between animals and human beings. Are human values like health, love, intelligence, cheerfulness, honesty, passion, gratefulness, fun, happiness, making difference, learning, achieving, being the best, investing, contributing, creativity losing their actual values? Do people become more human when they become more educated, smart, sophisticated? Is being smart enough for being called a human?

There is a saying in Azerbaijan which goes like this ‘ Alim olmaq asandi, adam olmaq chetin’ (literally translation-Becoming smart,  scholar is easy, but becoming a human is difficult). Mum used to use it a lot, back at home, and I was having hard times to understand what she meant. (Here, I remember mum’s advices a lot, and I realize how right she is.) But now I understand her so well, becoming a human is hard, and being a sophisticated person is not enough for it. One needs to possess human values, morals,  and hold on them in every challenging situation, because they are what make us different- the best of all creatures, human.


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