Smoking should not be a cause of your death; it is not smart at all

Around 5.4 million deaths a year…650,000 Europeans die each year … …causes more death and disability than any single disease…  Around 100 million people died in the 20th century… 6.5 million people in 2015 and 8.3 million humans in 2030 will die… Smoking– is the only word that I should have used instead of those three dots.

Every 6.5 seconds a current or former smoker dies, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). See  Smoking Deaths Worldwide here.

In our German class, I asked our teacher for a  break (well, I am the only person asking for a break most of the time), and as soon as she said yes, I rushed out. When I was back, she saw me and asked me whether I was smoking. She speaks only Bulgarian and German, as I don’t know both languages well, one of my Bulgarian friends helped me to tell her: ’No, I do not smoke, and I do not like smoking’. While saying this to her, another Bulgarian friend heard it and asked me why. Why? -Because I don’t like it, alongside being a very simple answer, it does not reflect my real point at all. The question remained unanswered for some time. But I got it solved for myself ; I don’t like smoking, because I don’t want to die because of it, that should not be, cannot be a a cause of my death.

There are some things about Bulgaria that I love a lot.  The main one is weather; it is great to feel fresh air in your lungs, and, personally, I like cold weather most. So, I am in love with the fresh and cold weather in Ruse, and I try to enjoy it the fullest.  I am saying ‘try’ because when you are around people here, what you feel is not the air, but the smell of cigarettes. When you want to go to some cafe, or restaurant, again all you smell in the air is smoking. By the way, one night we were sitting in one of the restaurants, close to our university, very pretty ladies were handing out cigarettes for free; it was one of those weird promotions I have seen so far.

I have already mentioned in one of previous posts that I have kind of allergy, or some sort of reaction that I don’t know how to call, to smoking. When I was back at home, if somebody was smoking next to me, I would just change my place, but here, there is no use in changing, because there are people smoking everywhere all around you: people from different age groups, males, females, smoke everywhere. I don’t understand it, I wish I could though. More than that, there are times that I find myself staring at mothers smoking their kids around. It is sad and very confusing to see those scenes; I should think hard to understand them, and also I should try hard to convince myself that there is a chance that those kids won’t be smokers in the future. Besides, if I were one of those kids, personally I would not appreciate my mum for poisoning herself like that in front of me, ignoring her responsibilities as a mother.

I remember first time I saw warning of the Ministry of Health on the cigarette package; ‘Smoking kills’, after reading it I looked at my uncle with surprise and sadness in my face. I was so sorry that my uncle, who has always been, and still is one of the best examples of humankind for me, was killing himself intentionally ignoring that warning. Then I saw not just him, other boys and men are doing the same, no matter how smart they are in life. ‘Smoking kills’ or any other such kind of warnings don’t mean anything at all to them. And when you ask, they say;  ‘You know, you can never know what kind of addiction it is, I want to quit I just can’t’. Right, I don’t know what kind of addiction it is, but I do know it is possible to get rid of it.  We are humans, the most powerful, the smartest, and other ‘the best’s of other creatures in the world. How come you cannot get rid of your addiction?! I understand it should be really hard, but it is possible. Impossible is nothing, man!

So far, I have seen people ask smokers to quit smoking for the sake of their mothers, sweethearts, wives, children or any other favorite persons. But I don’t agree with it, if I would ask a smoker to quit smoking, I would do it by convincing him/her that it is just merely for his/her own sake as s/he only has one life to live. I personally believe that if a person does not love, respect himself, or does not take care of himself, s/he cannot show love, respect and care to others. So I would say please do your best to quit, your life is not that cheap, it should not be, and you are not that stupid to kill yourself in this way. There are way smarter tools of committing suicide.

I have learned not to judge people, and with this post I am not judging them for doing the thing they love, no, never. It is like I like writing, or watching movie so they like smoking. It is that simple at some points. I just needed to write about it, as I have been feeling sad for this situation for a while. But there is one simple, or maybe significant difference between us, I am not killing myself, step by step, intentionally. Right, maybe, I will die long before smokers, but I am happy that smoking will not be the cause of my death, there will be some other reason for my death.

Smoking should not be a cause of your death; it is not smart at all.

P.S. While preparing this post, a friend of mine told me the story behind warning signs on the cigarette packages. I am not sure how true it is, I haven’t read myself, but I still want to share. So, in the States, one guy has found out that he got cancer as he had been smoking his entire life. And he has sued the company for not warning. Eventually, he has won the case, and after that cigarette companies have began to warn people, and as you know, nowadays it has become a law in a lot of countries.


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