Enjoy being present, people, and appreciate everybody and everything present

Why should somebody go out of our lives to realize what he/she means for us?! Why do we need to understand the value of our health after we lose it? Why we should leave our home where we spend our childhood to understand the true meaning of  ‘home’, value of ‘home’ which it carries in its each single letter?!

It is called ‘absence’…absence of people, absence of health, and absence of your favorite belongings… How come it is possible the absence becomes present in our lives?! It is absence….non-existence… it should not be present, it should be absent as itself. Why it brings existence of bad things? It makes pain, darkness, hurt exist. I should not blame absence, it is not its fault; maybe it itself wants to be absent when it sees the results it causes, maybe there is nothing to do with it;because just the absence itself is absent; everything depends on the importance of things, and people that it comes together, we understand the value of our favorite people, our health and other things after they fade away from our lives, sometimes slowly sometimes all of a sudden; they prove their value with their absence.Remember only the absence of valuable people or things gets noticed and sometimes hurts.

Everything and everybody is between being absent and present. Then why we don’t feel the presence, why we do not appreciate the presence before the absence substitutes it. I don’t care whether it may sound cliche, but it is true that we should appreciate what we have; we should be able to live with what we have with the greatest appreciation, we should stop mourning for the absence instead we should be happy for the presence. But we are humans, and we only appreciate what we have, only after meeting with absence, be person, health or our favorite belongings.

Einstein was right, while saying darkness is the absence of light, cold is the absence of heat, evil is the absence of God. And absence itself too, with its entire negative meaning. is the absence of presence, nothing else. God has created everything good and present, nothing absent. Absence cannot exist; it itself is merely the absence of the presence.

Rumi valued the absence of the person’s himself; a person should lose himself to understand the true meaning of his existence. So a person should be absent to understand his presence. Only then you realize the importance of your presence. We are so weak that we can hardly appreciate presence itself without meeting with the absence. And when the absence conquers the presence we begin to think, and look for the presence. It may be late, very late sometimes, absent person may already gone so far that no matter what you do you cannot have him/her present in your life, the same with your health and other valuable things.

Before the absence knocks at your door and you feel the absence of your favorite people, of your health, and every other things valuable in your life, go and tell your favorite people what they mean for you, take care of your health, and everything you enjoy to possess. Never but never wait for the absence to appreciate the presence; it is not smart at all.

Enjoy the presence, people , enjoy the presence of everything and everybody valuable for you, that is what a real person should do, every day and night. The absence is really bad, the absence hurts sometimes more than you can imagine. If you can, don’t let anything or anybody valuable get absent in your lives. Don’t wait so long for the appreciation and being happy with the people and things present in your lives; you don’t have so much time, the absence may become present anytime and anywhere.

Enjoy being present, people, and appreciate everybody and everything present!


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