Bulgaria celebrating National Enlighteners Day

Like it was in my hometown, here in Ruse too, I am living very close to the school; from the window of my room I see school. I am used to hear the voices of school kids, but today I heard more voices coming from school.

We didn’t have classes yesterday and today, but honestly, we were not told why. I found out from internet that Bulgarians are celebrating National Enlighteners Day, which is one of their national holidays; they are having parades, and paying tribute to all those committed to culture and education. Although, this holiday was celebrated in 1922, during Soviet Regime it was banned, but after the Soviet Union collapsed, it was resumed in 1990, and became official in 1995.

This is my first holiday in Bulgaria, I think, I should go to see some part of celebrations, although, I don’t know their language and culture yet.


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