For the first time in the church

Those who have been reading my blog from the beginning you would remember the post about my first time being in the mosque.

As I have told you in the previous post, I almost got myself invited to go to the Catholic church in Ruse. Next morning with my Polish friend I went to the church.  I must tell that I hesitated for a second in front of the door as I do not belong to this religion. But I want to learn about all religions, so I entered. As it was Sunday, the church was full with people of different age group, but mostly with older people.

I sat next to our German friend, and began looking around, like a kid lost in the unknown place trying to find out what is going on. When we entered a woman in black was in the middle of the church singing a prayer, and everybody was accompanying her.  It reminded me of a similar scene from the mosque, Akhoond was saying and everybody was repeating. As it was in the mosque, here pastor was telling people to stand up and repeat what he was saying and everybody was doing: similar actions just in different languages.

On that day, there were guests from France, so one of them said something and a Bulgarian guy translated, of course, into Bulgarian, so I didn’t understand what they talked about. Then everybody went down on their knees, and said some prayers, but after that they began to greet each other. They greeted me too, there were a couple of old ladies around us, and they said something in Bulgarian and greeted me too. I want to believe that they would do the same if they knew I am not a Christian.

Before the ceremony ended, two little kids, a boy and a girl, began to walk among the aisles with small bags in their hands, and people began to put coins or paper money into those bags. I asked why, where that money goes, German guy said maybe to church, but he said he didn’t know exactly. Again a scene from the mosque; in almost every mosque there are small boxes, so that people put money into them. If you ask me where that money goes, I would answer in the same way.

The last surprising thing for me was that the pastor stood up, poured something in the wine, and in the end everybody was invited to take a sip from it. I was so curious why they did so, but I don’t think I understood what my friends explained to me until I read about Eucharist ceremony. Before the closure, they congratulated the woman in black as it was her birthday that day, and everybody was invited to a birthday party; but we had a movie to watch.

I have always tried to listen to different persons, different opinions, different places, because I believe, one finds the truth only after seeing or experiencing everything. Although, in terms of religion I have found my truth, I do believe in my God, but still I want to see what kind of other ways people have to reach Him.

God bless you!


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  1. Posted by Eugene Gabrys on October 24, 2011 at 10:35 am

    I too, have been to different religious services. It does not matter whether it is indoors, outdoors, mosque, church or synagogue. In the end, we all gather together simply to express our love for God and each other.


  2. I have no religious views but if I did, I would say something like “religions are just separate rivers that run towards the same lake”.


  3. Posted by perishan1 on October 28, 2011 at 7:34 am

    You already know what I think and what I do believe in…and respect other views, of course…for reasonable people all religions have the same aim…to lead people for a better life, more peaceful life…but for those who are curved lines (…Sab you know what I mean;)…) religion is just a criteria for being different from others…hope you got what I meant…

    P.S. did you take a sip from that wine?;)


    • Yes, Pari, I know almost everything about yr religious views. I will never forget our numberless conversations regarding this issue.
      Of course, I know what you mean. We are straight lines 🙂 At least, we try to be.

      About wine. How do you think? 🙂


      • Posted by Perishan on October 29, 2011 at 8:08 am

        hmmmmm…as I know you well…I think you didn’t do it…
        but what I am interested in is what did u say to escape it…;)?

  4. Yep, i didn’t do it. It was voluntary. Who wanted went closer and took a sip. so i didn’t go that way 🙂


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