Just different

Dobre means ok, good, Bulgarians use it as many times as Azeris use ‘yaxşı’. If you ask me how life is going on here, I would probably answer: dobre.

After confused, yet interesting first day, the night of the next day turned out to be  very interesting.  In the evening, Azeri friends with two Polish girls were going to run in the park near our university, you have already seen the picture of it in the previous post, and they invited me too.  I went with them; of course I didn’t run but walked. I remembered Sumgait days; I used to tell trainees do not run in the dark, you will see lots of ‘special guys’. So I thought there would be so many ‘special guys’ out here in the park, but it didn’t happen; we didn’t hear voice of any ‘special guy’. No ‘special guy’ in Bulgaria?!

In the park it was decided to go to ‘Salsa party’ in one of the restaurants. Yeah, my first night out! When I was having my bachelor degree, one of my roommates used to go to salsa classes, and she was teaching us at home. So it was a good chance to see those moves with my own eyes, so I went. In that place I met a Bulgarian girl who is studying at the same university with us, University of Ruse, and a German guy who works here as an engineer. The party was in a nice place; people of different ages were  dancing on the stage. I quite enjoyed the place, dances, and also enjoyed talking with new friends. After that place, night went on in another place, where friends of  our Bulgarian friend were celebrating upcoming wedding of their colleague, a French guy. They decided to go there and I followed.  We met some new people from different countries. What surprised me was that French guy is going to marry a Ukrainian girl; they do not know each other’s language; common language is English. So English connects people not in professional life but also personal life.

While writing I noticed a chain of events. Life is also like that, right? You notice a chain of events in the end. Anyway, that night I heard a conversation; two of friends were talking about going to church. (Post about that experience is on the way) After church most part of the day spent in the mall doing shopping for my empty room in the dorm. Besides that night we decided with one of Polish friends to go to movie; The Smurfs, I know most of you smiling right now, but what?  It is my childhood cartoon, although I have watched it once in my computer, wanted to see it in a big screen. But it was in Bulgarian, so we went to see ‘Three Musketeers’. I was almost asleep in the middle; this already explains how I liked it. What I liked is I watched a movie in a big screen in a real movie theatre for the first time, (Peri, I know while reading this you will remember that awesome day we spent together.  I wished you were next to me. )

In those places I observed so many different things I would love to write about, but it would be enough to say it is just different. Again I remembered a scene from Sumgait days; on the first day in Sumgait one of trainees was looking around in surprise, and I knew he could say a lot, but he just said it is just different. The same here,  everything, or most of the things is different; just different.


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  1. Posted by Mehriban on October 19, 2011 at 12:19 pm

    Men uje senin butun postlarini oxuyuram ha:)) sadece achib baglamiram sehifeni!!!
    salsani ve bulgarian language improve ele:))


  2. Posted by perishan1 on October 19, 2011 at 12:52 pm

    yeah just different…dreams are really our destinations…my mother’s reproaches buzz in my ear whenever I met with challenges “why did you leave your comfortable home?what did it give you?” Seb, you probably remember these words)))…mama, men Gencede boguluram))))…really we couldn’t bare the sameness…and now our dreams are coming true…just enjoy it…and live as you wish though sometimes it needs something to sacrifice (Kaybedenler klubu ;)…)

    P.S. I think I’ll never forget that awesome day…even I would travel to all cinemas allover the world…


  3. Posted by Eugene Gabrys on October 19, 2011 at 1:03 pm

    Keep enjoying the international experience. Yes…it’s just different. Have fun!


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