Presentation 2

Presentation is really important, not just of people but also places. Recently, I saw how important the presentation of things and places is. Thus, I happened to work as an interpreter in the event held on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the independence of Azerbaijan, where you could see government officials, MPs, ministers from all over the world.
For the first time in my life, I was going to the airport to meet two guests. On the way to the airport, I doubted whether I am still in Baku. Everything was so different from the part of Baku that I see in my daily life. Baku was really different in that part; very few construction works, not crazy buses, very clean. It reminded me a book of our writer Anar, ‘Ağ Qoç Qara Qoç’ where both the worst and the best version of Baku is described. I felt like I am seeing the best version of Baku described in that book.
On the first day of my four-day work, I was mostly surprised at what I saw on the way to the airport. On the second day, I saw that this gorgeous view of Baku had not surprised just me, but the guests too, who were visiting Baku for the first time.  A beautiful view of Baku in the balcony of the Gulustan palace, and also the high buildings, famous hotels in the centre strengthened the impression first time visitors had. In front of that view, I happened to chat with some guests. In the first talk, my interlocutor told me that our president had said in his opening talk that Azerbaijan is a rich country.  In front of that view, there was no way to deny what was said by our president. However, the guest was an MP, so he knew what to ask.
On the way to the airport, and also to other important places of Baku, presentation of Baku is really gorgeous; much, much better than other places. Maybe it is like this in most of the countries, I don’t know. Going back and forth to the airport reminded me a scene from my childhood. Mother used to say we need to keep our living room clean and neat, so that not to get embarrassed when a sudden guest knocks at our door. So Baku is also our home, and we need to make perfect first the roads, places where guests go through. I hope and want to believe that whole Baku will look perfect altogether one day. And not just presentation but also lives of people living here and throughout all Azerbaijan will be perfect one day. (There is a Russian saying; Mechtat ne vredno, vredno ne mechtat ; Dreaming is not harmful, what is harmful is not dreaming/ There is no harm in dreaming.)
Once more, I was convinced that presentation of people and places have a great impact in creating first impression. However, very few people are satisfied with presentation. Smart people always tend to see behind it; for them the whole picture is of great importance. The people who have a better image of the humanity and the world know very well that only presentation, without anything strong in back, sooner or later will reveal its nothingness.

All that glitters is not gold


2 responses to this post.

  1. A few points.

    From my experience, the best maintained road in any country is always the one from the international airport to the capital city.

    Every country likes to present it’s best face to the world.

    Every country has pockets of poverty (including the US and the Europe).

    My mother always kept the front room “special” for guests.

    But there are two sides to every coin and I am sure that every world leader visiting Azerbaijan is aware of that…


  2. […] relatives in Ganja are telling me. In one of my previous posts I have written about how important presentation is in my country. The presentation of Ganja is also of great importance. New major of Ganja has […]


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