Once a friend of mine told me that a person is fifty percent what he presents of himself, and fifty percent what he really is. When I heard it, I was not so much sure that I understood what he was talking about. However, after meeting more new people I began recalling this statement often. In the books I read, and movies watched I have come across different types of people. Fortunately, in my early life the people I have met have always been the same kind of people, thanks to God, mostly good.

Unfortunately, that situation has already changed.  No, I am not saying I don’t have good people around me anymore. Just I am getting to meet more people now than I used to. So the types of people vary a lot. Sometimes, I see people saying and acting differently with different persons. To make it clearer, I see people telling different people what those persons would like or love to hear, not what they themselves actually think. It is called: ‘Nebze gore sherbet vermek’ (I’m not sure about the origin of this saying, so it might be Turkish too.)

I know, some people will think there is nothing wrong with it. You act according to the person in front of you. I agree, it is not right to go to the extremely religious person and talk about the evolution theory of Darwin or any other such sort of thing.  But the kind of person I am talking about talks with believers as an extremely religious person, with atheists as atheists, etc. By saying ‘Nebze gore sherbet vermek’, I mean this situation. I really find it difficult to understand these people. Sometimes I want to ask such kind of person about the real identity and opinion of him/her.

I remember when I was having my bachelor degree at university we took psychology class. I never forget one of the topics, which was about the masks people wear. In that chapter there was an example of a middle-aged man, and it was explained that his actions differ depending on the situations, and of course, people too. Thus, he is different at work from what he is with his friends, his family members etc. Although, that man was acting differently in different situations with different persons, he had an identity. I understand this. We can act according to the situation and persons. But I think while doing this we should not lose our identity and dignity. We’d better find ourselves first, define who really we are and what we really want.

So, today in the little world of my own, sadly enough, I see people who have million types of presentations. Sometimes I think they do not exist but their presentations. They just have presentation; different presentations in different people. I see two types of people; the ones with strong presentation that has nothing much valuable behind, and the other ones with weak presentation. The representatives of latter type are busy with their own works, and don’t care about their presentation at all. Although, they are very few in number, I want to believe that this number is increasing. I also want to believe that not just the quantity of people, but also the quality of people is increasing, and hopefully not just in my world but in the whole universe.

Rumi, one of my favorite persons, said very well long ago.

            Either seem as you are or be as you seem


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