Meet cute

‘Onun yarısı’ is a popular TV program running in one of the Azeri TV channels. In this show people of different age group (+18) and different background come to find their halves. You can see single, divorced, widow, widowers, eighteen- year old girls, 70 year old men, 40-year unmarried women looking for their halves. I like the word ‘həyat yoldaşı’, in short, everybody is looking for their life partners for various reasons in this show, and in case they find the producers help them financially in the wedding preparations.

First thanks to my host family in Sumgait, then to my own mum, every day when I came home from work I had to watch a part of the show. In a result, I have seen a lot of different people and stories in this show.

Before writing about one of them, I want to say a few things regarding the popularity of this show.  First of all, for me, it is connected with the lack of social life of people, especially if the person does not work or study it means s/he has circle that consists of mostly neighbors and relatives. In this case the show suggests much wider circle of different people. Besides, one of the famous faces of Azerbaijan is hosting the show which makes the show much more trusted.

To be honest, I do not want to dedicate this post to the show.  I gave some information about the show above as I have seen the heroes of this post in that show. Every relationship or marriage has its story and the participants, of course. Once in one of the movies I heard ‘ meet cute’. Their story reminded me of their story. The girl in this story is my namesake, her name is also Sabina. So I have heard a lot about my namesake from mum. So here is their story briefly.

One day young boy comes to the show for a girl, but the girl rejects him. During show it turns out the boy is orphan, and has been brought up in one of the orphanages in Baku. While they are discussing his life, the phone rings, and a girl at his age says that they have lived in the same orphanage, and she wants to see his friend. Eventually, they meet in the show and everybody thinks they have to marry. Childhood friends take their time to know more about each other, and in the end, they decide to marry. I have watched them just once, so I have heard most part of their story from mum. But I happened to watch the whole engagement.

In Azeri they say ‘yaxşı qız’ and ‘yaxşı oğlan’, you can hear different definitions for them from different people, but I have my own criteria. And as they meet my criteria, I call them  yaxşı qız and yaxşı oğlan. Besides from Freud’s theory we know that what you experience in your childhood has a great impact in your adulthood.  They already know how it feels like to be without family and homeless. I believe they will try to be a good family, a real family, and they will maintain it.

Another thing in the show that made me watch till the end was a woman. So when the guy’s mother died, his sister was taken by their remote relative. That relative has brought up his sister all those years. Besides, before his mother died, she had trusted their relative her gold earrings and ring to give them back to her kids when they are old enough. In the world of betrayals, that woman kept her promise, and in the engagement party she gave them to the boy. Sometimes it is good to see such kind of people not to lose belief that good people still exist. There are still good people out somewhere, and sometimes good histories are written in very unpredictable places.

I have mentioned before that I do not believe in coincidence at all. In this ‘meet cute’ too nothing was coincidence.

‘Things in life are fated by our previous lives. Even in the smallest events there is no such thing as coincidence.’

Haruki Murakami ‘ Kafka on the shore’.


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