The first one and the other

Two main heroes: the first one and the other.  They are always there for you, whenever you need them. You cannot choose first one, but you can choose the other.  You learn the life from the first one, but you learn the life with the other. The first one gives his love to you without asking anything back, but everything is mutual with the other.

One is always living for you, whereas the other one prefers to live with you. When the latter shares everything with you equally, the first one always gives you the big share. Not the big share, but also the best of everything. You are the best for the first one; so you deserve the best.

One stands by you whatever happens to you in life, in your best and worst times. The first one can forgive even your biggest mistakes. But the other is not so apt to forgive you. Forgiving your mistakes means a great sacrifice for the other’s pride, while the first one can sacrifice not pride, but everything and everyone for you if it is needed. You know why? Because the first one needs you, however the other wants you. The first one needs your existence. It is enough. Nothing else.

I remember two sentences which I have heard from a psychologist who was explaining true love. There is a difference between these two concepts. The first sentence says: ‘I love you because I need you’ while the second sentence goes like this ‘I need you because I love you’. You can always hear ‘I need you because I love you’ from the first one, while the other likes to say or is only able to say ‘I love you because I need you’. You know, although they express their love to you differently, you express your love to them in one and the same sentence: ‘Me too.’

You take care of both, however still there is a difference between the first one and the other. You take care of the first one without ever asking yourself why you should do it, although you always ask yourself that question while taking care of the other. You see, you also expect something in return from the other. ‘Everything is mutual’ – this is your favorite sentence which you and the other keep repeating.

Not you, they also take care of you most of the times.  Again the first one doesn’t want anything in return, while the other expects you to do the same. In overall, the first one doesn’t expect you to do anything for all the things done for you. What is expected from you is just to be good, safe and happy. You need to be happy to make the first one happy. ‘Be happy make me happy’ – this is what you hear from the first one. On the other hand, you hear the other saying ‘Let’s be happy together.’

They both bring you suffering alongside happiness. Sometimes consciously sometimes unconsciously. But it happens. They differ here too. The suffering the first one causes never goes away. It remains with you until you die, whereas the suffering caused by the other one can fade by time. If somebody touches the wound made by the first one, it hurts more and more, however, in the case of the second one you learn how to laugh even at your own wounds. They say time heals most wounds. But the wounds of the first one never get healed. You can just hide them, and if you don’t let anybody touch them, you move on.

For sure there are more differences between the first one and the other. I wrote what I have seen so far. I am not going to reveal the identity of the first one and the other, I am sure, you already know who are the first one and the other for you.


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