The Ledge, What I would die for?

While I was trying to answer questions like ‘For what we live?’, ‘ What is the purpose of living?’ or any other similar questions, I watched a movie twice which I don’t do  often.  The movie ‘The Ledge’  made me think about purpose of dying. There is not just purpose in living but in dying too.  You can read the review about the movie,  there are a lot of them.  Why I chose this one is because of the last line-almost entirely unpredictable. Yeah, the end of the movie is really unpredictable.

“The Ledge” is smart, riveting, complex, emotionally engaging, visually gorgeous… and best of all, almost entirely unpredictable.

What I would die for? This movie made me to think around this question.  The question still remains unanswered.


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